Helping solve your tech issues

Experience the Ease of Onsite Assistance
Say Goodbye to Phone Frustrations!

Forget the hassle and frustration of over-the-phone troubleshooting. Our onsite support service brings expert help right to your doorstep, ensuring a smooth, stress-free solution to your tech problems.


Our service helps seniors to take control of their technological environment, we believe age is no barrier to enjoying the latest in home entertainment.


Struggling to sync your Apple apps with external devices? Our expert team is here to help. We specialize in seamlessly connecting your Apple ecosystem, ensuring your apps work flawlessly with all your external devices.

Smart TV

We assist people in mastering their Smart TV. Keystone TechFix will configure and help you learn your technology seamlessly.

Sound and Speaker

Got a perfectly functioning smart device but struggling with silent speakers? Don't worry, we're here to help. Let us tune up your tech and bring the sound back to life!

Believe in a Higher Sound Experience

"Keystone TechFix’s expertise in sound production and dedication to understanding the unique acoustical challenges of our worship space have been transformative"

Why partner with Keystone Techfix?

Enhance Speech Intelligibility

Every sermon, announcement, and reading will be 100% clear and understandable, significantly improving the engagement of your congregation.

Reduce Background Noise

Our solutions effectively minimize external and internal noise interference, allowing your congregation to focus fully on the service without distractions.

Balance Vocal Levels

Expertly managed, consistent audio experience through- out your services.
No more varying microphone levels.

Improve Sound Coverage

Every member of your congregation, regardless of where they are seated, can hear the service with perfect clarity.